Recent studies in technology have shown that people are suffering from “App Fatigue.” Every booming business, and even those just wanting to gain momentum, were quick to jump on the app wagon.

What did that mean for consumers? It translated in to tons of one off apps downloaded on your phone that you maybe only have opened twice while they are taking up valuable real estate and storage space on your phone.

Does every business really need an app? Most promotions and actions can be covered by a responsive, mobile friendly website, and an outreach and communication program through the ever simple and direct method of texting.

We use our phones for a plethora of actions, but one of the top daily activities is texting. The app development boom had once thought to replace texting as a more intimate and engaged way to communicate with their loyal customers. That course is now starting to be corrected, and consumers are requesting their primary mode of communication, whether from Mom or Mamma Mia’s Pizza, to be, of course, texting—where they are spending most of their time.

New developments are happening in the way of messaging services such as facebook messenger, to allow you to include texting and booking services right inside their app.

What do these new developments mean? They mean that as a business wishing to reach people and grow your customer base, you should be focusing your energy and advertising dollars on texting platforms and campaigns powered by the all mighty text message. Consumers are requesting to be communicated with this way and that means great things for you, as SMS text message marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of communication and growing customer databases.

If you are starting at zero, your focus should be on outreach and performing a Digital Fishbowl™ where customers opt in to win a gift card or prize from your business. These promotions prove time and time again to be very successful. We performed this with a local pizza shop and received over 250 new subscribers within a few hours for the chance to win a $25 gift card for pizza. Learn more about this method and other ways to market with texting in our video here.

If you’ve been thinking about whether or not you should have an app for your business, reconsider to avoid adding to app fatigue for the market. Try out CenDyt SMS Text Messaging platform free for 30 days and start communicating with consumers in the way they want to be reached!


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