Today’s technology landscape is demanding that all businesses and communities rethink about how they communicate and stay in touch with customers and members. Large congregations are now starting to take the lead on utilizing texting in churches to increase membership and interaction with congregations.


Let’s take a look at what Churches needs are in todays modern tech-savvy world:

  • To communicate with families and parents about children in childcare and in age specific programs. Churches can be quite large and sometimes very timely communication is needed. Text messaging can help care takers and teachers do this.
  • Communication and connection with those watching from home, elderly & home bound. Texting can make them feel like they are more connected to the congregation and can keep remote attendance numbers up.
  • Q&A: Churches can have members respond to questions about the sermon and those who are present live as well as members at home can participate.
  • Class announcements. Each class or study group can have their own specific keyword which allows for targeted communication. You can easily implement daily study or devotional messages to individual groups.
  • Better connection and communication with teens and young adults. Teens and Millennials preferred form of communication is texting. Imaging being able to reach them with the message on a very personal and instant platform. This can help keep young member numbers up in the congregation and grow that connection to insure continued attendance and interaction.


If you are a church or large organization thinking of integrating texting into your communication strategy, you can get started with CenDyt Text Message Marketing platform and try it for 30 days FREE of charge. Get started now!

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