Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CenDyt?

iphone_bottom_cutCenDyt (pronounced “Send It”) is a full service mobile marketing firm dedicated to bringing the power of text messaging to your business.  Whether you are a small, medium or large size company, whether you have an IT department or not, CenDyt has an affordable and effective text marketing plan for you.  Team up with CenDyt and your campaign can be up in minutes.

We offer:

  1. Low cost entry into the exciting and effective world of mobile text advertising
  2. Global Carrier Connectivity
  3. Real time reporting and analytics
  4. Content management
  5. Web and SMS interactivity
  6. CenDyt also has built it’s own proprietary software and doesn’t lease it’s technology like the majority of businesses who call themselves mobile marketers.

How do I sign-up to be a customer?

It’s easy just fill out the advertiser client form and you’ll be on your way within minutes to starting your first campaign!  Simply click here to go to our Customer Sign-up page.

Can I afford CenDyt for my business?

Absolutely!  CenDyt offers a variety of monthly plans, all of which are affordable and tailored for the needs of your particular business.  Whether your campaign involves 500 text messages per month, or 50,000, CenDyt has a plan for you.

Packages begin as low as $29.99 per month!  …and there are NO CONTRACTS.

Check out our great service plans here!

How do I begin using CenDyt?

Getting started with CenDyt is fast and easy.

  • Set up your online CenDyt account with a unique password.
  • Select your monthly text plan and enter your credit card information via your online CenDyt account.
  • You are now ready to set up your very own Mobile Marketing Campaign.

Will CenDyt work with my service provider?

CenDyt supports all major U.S. carriers.  The following is a list of carriers CenDyt currently supports.

  • Alltel
  • Appalachian Wireless
  • AT&T
  • Bluegrass Cellular
  • Boost
  • Cellcom
  • Cellular One
  • Cellular One of East Central Illinois
  • Cellular South
  • Centennial Wireless
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Cox Wireless
  • Cricket
  • Immix Wireless
  • MetroPCS
  • Nextel Communications
  • Revol Wireless
  • Sprint PCS Wireless
  • T-Mobile®
  • Unicel
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Virgin Mobile USA
  • West Central Wireless

Do my customers need Internet access on their phone to use CenDyt?

No.  You can use CenDyt with any mobile phone that can send a text message (almost any cell phone will work).

If you do have a mobile internet plan with access to the Internet you will be able to view special mobile web pages, with photos as well as log into your account.

How long does it take to for my customers to get their text response?

Most of the time they should receive a text message back from us within seconds of sending their request.  Sometimes there is latency in the wireless providers’ networks, which might cause their response to be delayed.

Can I use CenDyt outside of the United States?

Our mobile marketing service is currently only available in the U.S.  However, our Mobile Web site is accessible from any device with a connection to the Mobile Web.

Content Safeguards

CenDyt enforces a strict policy when it comes to our clients sending inappropriate or fraudulent messages.  We have a content filtering application that checks every message for content that is against our terms and conditions and acceptable use policy.  If we find such content you will be noticed via email and the word or words will be crossed off in your campaign.  The client will receive one warning and if breached again all campaigns and account status is terminated and no refunds are provided.

What do you consider inappropriate content?

The content types listed below are not allowed.

  • Content that contains anything that is obscene or indecent or anything with strong sexual, explicit or erotic themes or that links to such content
  • Content that contains hate speech
  • Content that contains excessive violence
  • Content that contains profanity
  • Content that contains misleading or fraudulent claims
  • Content that promotes or glamorizes alcohol abuse, illegal drug use or use of tobacco products

How long does it take to create a campaign?

You easily could have a new campaign created and ready to broadcast within 10 minutes if you have all your message content ready to input.

How long has CenDyt been around?

CenDyt’s back office technology platform has been in place for over eight years and has launched thousands of campaigns and sent million’s of messages.

We leverage our experience to work directly with you to make sure you see results!

How many text messages have been sent out using CenDyt's technology?

iphone_bottom_cutCenDyt has sent out over 150 million messages using our text messaging platform!

What does SMS stand for?

SMS is an acronym for “Short Message Service”, often called text messaging, and is a means of sending short messages to and from mobile phones.

What does MMS stand for?

MMS is an acronym for “Multimedia Messaging Services” and is a standard for telephony messaging systems that allow sending messages that include multimedia objects (images, video, audio, rich text).

What is 366948? What does it mean and why are all the keywords sent to that number?

366948 is known as a short code or short numbers which are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, which can also be used to address SMS and MMS messages from mobile phones or fixed phones.  They are designed to be shorter to read out and easier to remember than normal telephone numbers.

CenDyt’s standard short code is 366948.

If I do not use all of my messages, do I lose them? ...or do they rollover?

In order to provide you with the best possible pricing, CenDyt allows your unused messages to rollover from month to month.

What is a short code?

A shortcode, officially called a Common Short Code, is a short number, generally 4-6 digits long, to which a text message (SMS) can be sent from a mobile phone.  Shortcodes are useful because they save you from having to memorize an entire 10-digit number.  For example, to send a text message to CenDyt you just send a text message with the advertisers unique keyword to 366948 (it spells CenDyt on your keypad).

Are CenDyt keywords case-sensitive?

No. “Food” is the same as “FOOD”.

How many characters can I send in a text message?

160 characters is the limit.

How does the Auto-Purchase feature work?

Turn on auto purchase and never have to worry about your messages not being distributed due to insufficient messages.  For Example: Lets say you have 200 messages left in your monthly plan and you send out an alert to 500 of your subscribers.  We use all 200 messages in your account and then the auto-purchase feature purchases 300 messages at your monthly plans per message rate to send out the remaining text messages and your credit card is billed for those 300.

Can I send pictures?

Currently there are only 3 carriers that allow picture messages to be sent to their customers via short code technology without any extra charges and they are (Verizon, AT&T, Cell One).  CenDyt will allow you to send pictures along with your campaign text.

You must delete all your subscribers if you change the campaign to be different from what the current subscribers are opted in for.

For example if you’re a Real Estate Agent and you are advertising that keyword HOME is property 555 Main St. and all your alerts pertain to just this property with keyword HOME.  You sell this property and want to use keyword HOME with your sign rider on another property you must delete all subscribers before you activate it.  If you do not delete the subscribers who are opted into the old campaign you are in breach of our Terms and Conditions as well as the Mobile Marketing Associations Best Practices – and your account could be deactivated.

What needs to be in my first message?

CenDyt sends out the instructional and confirmation opt-in message for all new subscribers for you.  However, we suggest that in your auto-response first message, the message the mobile user receives after they text your keyword to 366948 for the first time, that you thank them for opting in, let them know how many alerts they can expect to receive from you per month and Reply STOP to stop.

Example: Thnk U 4 opting in2 Business Name alerts.  U will rcv upto 6 messages per month.Come in 2day rcv10% off . Exp. m/d/y  Reply STOP to stop

What needs to be in my advertising collateral material?

Clearly indicate that they are opting into an alert subscription and provide opt-out procedures of your campaign in all promotional material (In Venue, Radio, TV, Print, ETC).  Use the CenDyt™  logo and website in your marketing collateral to direct your subscribers to our website for them to access their account and to answer any questions they may have. You must indicate it’s a subscription and include Standard Messaging Rates Apply and Stop to Stop, Help for Help.

How can my customers STOP receiving alerts?

If you want to stop an alert you simply reply with the word STOP to our shortcode 366948 after you receive the alert you wish to stop.

If you want to stop all your alerts from your phone, send a text message or reply to the last message sent from our shortcode 366948 with the words STOP ALL.

If you want to stop an alert on the web, log on to your mobile user account at and delete the alert you wish to stop.

How do I join the CenDyt team?

teamGreat question!  Take a look at our Join Our Team page to see all of the opportunities that are currently available!

Whether you want to be part of our corporate team or if you would like to start your own CenDyt business, we can help you get in where you fit in!