Text Message Marketing is an affordable and effective way to grow and marketing your business. Get started today with some of these tactics.

  1. Hold A Digital Fishbowl™
    A Digital Fishbowl™ is like a virtual bowl where people would have dropped in their business card to win a free lunch or prize. Hold one to win a gift certificate for your business and offer the non-winners an incentive to come back in. A great way to initially grow your subscriber database.
  2. Start A VIP Club
    Offer an exclusive list where special offers and discounts are only available to these customers that have opted in.
  3. Hold Polls & Surveys
    Get their opinions! What better way to make changes and implement new services than to ask what your customers want from you.
  4. 2 Way Communication
    Don’t just always have things one sided. Ask questions and allow your customers to reply back. You never know what gem of feedback you may get. 64% of customers would prefer to text your business.
  5. Keep Then In The Know
    Send out announcements about new products, specials and events you may be holding in store. They can’t come if they don’t know about it! Text message marketing is way more affordable than traditional advertising, as well.
  6. Connect and Engage
    Make it personal and make them feel special. Create targeted lists of interest and make personal messages like birthday wishes. Respond to them in real time so they feel connected and grow loyalty with your brand.
  7. Keep It Entertaining
    Think of ways you can make it exciting for your customer lists. What are they dying to know about your company? What messages do they most want from you? If you do a good job at delivering what they want, they will spread the word and grow your list for you.

Try some of these tactics to get your business moving forward with utilizing text message marketing to grow your business in an affordable and fast way. Check it out with a FREE 30 Day Trial!

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